Amazing Rocks

 One might think that these pictures were made in Photoshop, but it is not.
This is a real-world islands in Lake Huron.
Enjoy all their beauty can be more.

Hanging Coffins

 Cemetery in the Philippine rock Sagada If you ever visit the cliffs of Sagada (Sagada) in the Philippines, you'll see an interesting picture - a lot of coffins hanging on the cliff. The same can be seen in some Chinese provinces. It is believed that hanging coffins are not available to animals and are closer to the heavens, that blesses the soul forever.

Ancient methods of dental treatment

All these tools were used by the dental doctors in the old days. Even afraid to imagine what they were doing :

Marvellous Apartment in Las Vegas

Apartment in Las Vegas
These luxury apartments are in Vegas and are not expensive just 16.5 million dollars.Happy viewing:

10 Weird Pregnancy Facts No One Tells You About

Whether you're a woman who hasn't yet been pregnant or a man who wants to better understand what an expectant mother really goes through, these 10 things that occur while a woman is pregnant are all strange and often disturbing. These are the weird things that happen during pregnancy that people probably won't tell you about.
You Could Be Pregnant For Over A Year

Amazing Fortress of toothpicks

 Unusual sculptures constructed from 100,000 toothpicks.

35 years ago, sculptor Scott Weaver (Scott Weaver) has already started work on his miraculous statue of toothpicks. The sculpture consists of a famous historical places and characters in San Francisco.
Scott says he spent more than 3000 hours on the job. To create the installation Weaver took only the glue and of course the toothpick, which friends and relatives brought him all over the world . The author claims that his unique creature in the world does not exist.

Top 10 Castles of the World

I’m in love with medieval times, with it’s knights, princess, knighthood, fair speech, battles, and especially with monumental castles. I have seen a lot of castles on the net, and I’ve try to make a list of my own favorite castles. So, I’ve finally came to my own top ten castles of the world. I’d like to hear your comments, and your suggestions about castles; maybe there is a castle that I’ve skip in my quest.

Creative Furniture

Creative furniture from insects: happy viewing

Amazing Seaside Zoo

The project is a zoo in St. Petersburg :

The team of French architects and landscape designers from Beckmann NThepe and TN Plus won an international competition to develop the concept of Seaside Zoo in St. Petersburg.

The most dazzling cars at the New York Auto Show

Sexy in the City

 Rebounding automakers are pulling out all the stops at this year's Empire City extravaganza, & we've rounded up the prettiest, most powerful new models on display.Rebounding automakers flexed their muscles at the 2011 International New York Auto Show, as displays spilled out into sections of the Jacob Javits Convention Center that the event hasn't occupied in years. There were plenty of refreshes, all-new metal and redesigns that made good, practical sense, from the hybridlike electric-motor efficiency of the 2013 Malibu Eco to the 30-percent boost in mileage on the 2012 Impreza. But that's not what this is going about. This is New York, where sex appeal and excess are always on display. So here are the prettiest, most powerful new models at the show. If it ain't hot, it ain't here.

U.S. actor Nicolas Cage arrested


Cast member Nicolas Cage (R) and his wife Alice Kim pose as they arrive at the world premiere of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" in New York July 6, 2010.

Stunning Waterscape Photography

Waterscape photography encompasses a range of photographic subjects, ranging from ocean photography, river photography, waterfall photography and lake photography. The motion of the water, combined with its reflectivity, allow for a myriad of possibilities for amazing waterscape photographs.

The most Unique Hotel

Hotel Amangiri HotelNa border with Arizona, including the deserts of Utah architects Marwan Al-Sayed (Marwan Al-Sayed), Rick Joy (Rick Joy), and Wendell Burnette (Wendell Burnette) have built an oasis of seclusion and tranquility. Design Hotel Amangiri Hotel is located 25 minutes from the city of Page. The hotel is surrounded by numerous natural attractions: the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce National Park and Zion National Monument Escalante. The hotel area covers an area of ​​243 hectares. Amangiri Hotel has 34 rooms, category Suite, a restaurant with a wine collection, a swimming pool, library, spa facilities and a fitness center. Hotel oraganizuet hiking, boating on Lake Powell tours, hot air balloon and helicopter.

Top 10 Scariest Places on the Globe

Inexorably approaching summer season, which will force us, and you escape from unusual sites and go on vacation, possibly exotic. On Earth, there are 100,500's finest, most beautiful places to visit, until the eye can see, and the legs go. And there are about the same corner, cubbyhole, and objects that are a good man should be the tenth bypass road. Doubly appalling that the tickets and vouchers for many of the most terrifying places on the planet officially sold by travel companies and museum administration.

Motor show in Seoul 2011

 Motor show in Seoul, Goyang, South Korea began with a focus not only on the ordinary, but also on new clean and efficient cars. Motor Show runs from 1 to 10 April.

Huge Ship moves on land

Hovercraft :

Huge ship can move over land and water. Similar ships of this size  have never been seen!

Large-scale Pillow Fights

 Thousands of people armed with pillows, took to the streets to beat the soul of a neighbor and fill the air with down and feathers. Such flash mobs are held for several years in many cities around the world.

The Most Popular Helligan Gardens

Lost gardens of Heligan in Cornwall have been created since seridiny 18 th century and the beginning of 20. After the First World gardens were abandoned almost a century. Overgrown trees and bushes of blackberries, he was restored in the nineties of the last century and soon became one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK. Most of all, people are attracted to the garden of his mystique, which emphasize the dozens of giant statues scattered throughout its territory.

Water Tower Home

Charlie Sheen heckled at inaugral show

Story photo: Charlie Sheen show sputters in Motor City
DETROIT - Charlie Sheen was heckled, booed and eventually abandoned by the crowd at his inaugural stage show, with many of the audience members chanting "refund" and heading for the exits even before the show abruptly ended.

fantastic Photography

Photos of Celebrities if they had full body tattoos

 With tattoos now mainstream, it is rare to walk pass someone that doesn’t have any tats.  What if these famous celebrities went out and tattoo’d their body up….still sexy? you know you still would! lol

Superb Hand Creations

Italian artist Guido Daniele (Guido Daniele) developed an original form of body art. Images theater hand shadows Guido combined with painting. As the canvas stands arm in which the artist represents a hyper-realistic images of various animals.
Some of his work - as living

The 11 Most Miserable Places in the U.S.

 The United States is a huge piece of land and not all of it is fun and dandy. In fact, there are some pretty miserable places to live in the U.S. and lots of reasons why. From cities with awful weather and ugly residents to cities with high bestiality and low libido, here are the 11 most miserable places in the U.S. ever.

The army of debris

German artist HA Schult makes people out of household waste and glue. By the thousands, he is a one-man recycling center. “Anything can be made into art. Mankind’s confines have narrowed, the freedom of art is unlimited.We live in the trash time: we produce trash and we become trash. Therefore HA Schult’s ‘Trash People’ are images of ourselves.”
Trash People (Schrottarmee): Since 1996, Schult has installed one thousand life sized “Trash People” made from crushed cans, electronic waste and other rubbish as his critical commentary on constant human consumption. They travelled as a “now time expression” to the world’s most important spots, among them Moscow’s Red Square (1999), the Great Wall of China (2001), the Pyramids of Giza (2002) and even the Antarctica (2008). The value of each individual statue is approx. EUR 2 when burnt, according to GEW, a provider of gas and electricity services.

Marble caves in Alpine lake

Marble Cave in Chile

Marble caves or Marble Church (Eng. Marble Cathedral) - the main attraction of the lake Lago General Carrera in Chile. Another name for these interesting caves Las Cavernas de Marmol. This is an unusual place is one of the most visited in Patagonia. Labyrinth of caves located in the beautiful alpine lake in the peninsula of limestone.

Funny Images

 funny images is compilation of pictures taken excellently .

The most popular dog in the Facebook

 Boo: the most popular dog in the Facebook

His page is like almost a million users of social networks.
And every picture "laykayut" 10-20 thousand people.

Fantastic Airboarding

 Winter is in full swing. Airboarding

Airboarding-a relatively new sport, but is rapidly growing.

10 rules to simulate intense activity at work

 Follow these 10 simple rules and you will always  be considered the busiest in the office.

Aftermath of Disaster in Japan

Pictures ships stranded on the shore after tsunami in Japan

Sometimes the beached ships for decades rise in the hills or simply in the woods a few miles from the shore, reminding residents about the last crash.

Unusual appearance of the Moon

 Photographers from around the world (and NASA in particular) were able to photograph the March 19 evening, a unique natural cosmic phenomenon - Superlunie. On this day, the Moon approached the planet as close as possible - 356.6 thousand km, and this event coincided with the next full moon. Therefore, visually from the surface of the earth the moon look bigger and brighter than usual

Wonderful Spaceship Home theatre

Home theater-style movie "Star Wars" :
This stunning cinema belongs to the true fan of "Star Wars". Designed in the style of the spacecraft and is located in Hawaii, a cinema occupies an area of 3000 square meters and consists of six flat panel TVs with futuristic control panels from Crestron. In the auditorium of the cinema there is even a copy of the droid R2-D2 and C-3PO in full size. Complex optical system creates a fantastic light, and automatically opening doors, make you feel like a passenger spaceship.

15 Amazing Facts about Teeth

Extreme sports in Singapore

At the end of January in Singapore and Malaysia, Hindus celebrated a very interesting holiday - Thaipusam. Like many holidays in Asia, this is also tied to the lunar calendar and the exact date has not. The holiday is remarkable that the faithful, cited statement allegiance to the gods, pierce the skin sticks and walk on hot coals.

The Most Unusual Tattoos

Festival unusual tattoos

Cool Selection of the week

We suggest you look at a selection of photos of the animals' lives for the past week.

Masterpieces by Alexia Sinclair

Alexander the Great (356-323)   Remember Alex Sinclair (Alexia Sinclair) and her fairy-tale beauties? At this time, Alex has created a special men's series - "The Royal Dozen. " It's a mix of princes, generals, diplomats and dandy, which have been leaders in different times and somehow had a lot of weight in society.

Great Museum-pyramid in Hanoi

German studio GMP ARCHITEKTEN, which is located in Hamburg, has designed a very original building of the Museum in Hanoi, which looks like an inverted pyramid. The structure occupies about 30,000 m2, distributed over three levels. Inside - a huge spiral ramp.

The most weird Images

 Strange Photos
Yes, photographers as well as people are different. At some photos of eyes to look happy, but at these pictures ... I do not know what to say?
Interestingly, the photographer of these photos to say?