Amazing Seaside Zoo

The project is a zoo in St. Petersburg :

The team of French architects and landscape designers from Beckmann NThepe and TN Plus won an international competition to develop the concept of Seaside Zoo in St. Petersburg.

Authors of the project are not new to the work of this kind: in 2006 they received the right to develop the project zoo in Vincennes, and in 2008 in Helsinki.
 The authors of the project decided to create a zoo of six islands, surrounded by artificial reservoirs. Each island will be of a certain continent. At each "continent" recreate the appropriate flora and fauna.
Seaside Zoo - the oldest in Russia (he founded in 1865). Now it is not enough space in the historic center of town, so he decided to allocate 300 hectares of land on the outskirts of town. Here, the authors of the project and want to create a new level.
The zoo has become not only a place of rest, but also the environment for learning. It is planned to locate a research center, because today all over the world such parks are transformed into objects for monitoring the unique diversity of nature.

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