Large-scale Pillow Fights

 Thousands of people armed with pillows, took to the streets to beat the soul of a neighbor and fill the air with down and feathers. Such flash mobs are held for several years in many cities around the world.

Flashmob at Union Square in Manhattan.

 Feathers in the air in the area Fovam in Budapest.

Youth fighting pillows on Union Square in Manhattan.
 People on the pillow fight flash mobs in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Pillow fights in Zurich.

 Youth are involved in a fight pillows on Castle Square in Warsaw.
 How to blow the feathers after a pillow fight? Pneumatic tool will help you for blowing the leaves. A young man sells fastening systems apparently was satisfied with the work of the Pneumatic.
 At the international fight flash mobs pillows in New York can meet the most extraordinary personalities. This is the sixth such event, taking place at Union Square. From the subway to Union Square in New York leave passengers with a pillow under his arm and a mischievous smile on their faces. This exit from the subway - right in the middle of the battlefield. Immediately get into the thick of battle pillows.
 People are fighting pillows on the area of Manhattan Union Square in New York
In the past year fighting pillows were a hundred and fifty cities worldwide.
 Pillow fights in Trafalgar Square
 The feathers on the ground after the battle of the International pillows Fovam Square in Budapest.
 Pillow fights in Brazil.
Pillow fight in full swing in the capital of Bulgaria.

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