Top 10 Scariest Places on the Globe

Inexorably approaching summer season, which will force us, and you escape from unusual sites and go on vacation, possibly exotic. On Earth, there are 100,500's finest, most beautiful places to visit, until the eye can see, and the legs go. And there are about the same corner, cubbyhole, and objects that are a good man should be the tenth bypass road. Doubly appalling that the tickets and vouchers for many of the most terrifying places on the planet officially sold by travel companies and museum administration.

1. The top of Mount Washington

There is very nice, but being on Mount Washington, the north-eastern United States, very scary. Peak height - only 1,917 meters, but its peak almost dangerous to the visitor than the highest peak of Mount Everest.

Mount Washington holds the world record wind speeds at the Earth's surface. In April 1934, the air masses at the top of Washington reached a speed of 372 km / h. In winter these winds mean snow storms that sweep the picturesque complex of buildings observatory with tightly clogged at this time of year, doors and windows. Buildings and equipment are capable of withstanding extreme weather station wind speeds up to 500 kilometers per hour, and then it's possible.

Winter's Tale Mount Washington is mortally dangerous for the casual traveler and photographer deliberate natural beauty. And the insane desire for someone who "ordered" suicide by blowing gale-force winds in the prickly ice drift.
 2. Toxic beauty of the desert Danakil

Understand - leisure, new experiences, but not so well! - we talked to friends, collecting items for the holidays in the Ethiopian desert and they have not listened.

 Danakil Desert in the north of Ethiopia, all who have been there, name-calling "Hell on Earth". Fans of the risk and terror heed the narrator, watching pictures and one after the other sent to the deadly trip through one of the most frightening and bizarre landscape of the planet.
It once you will pass on space surface Danakil - and fly to Mars is not necessary. Oxygen for respiration of the volcanic wasteland almost no, but all and all lack the searing air saturated with malodorous gases, born boiling under the feet of earth and stones consumable.
 Traveling through the desert Danakil least harmful to health. Pyatidesyatigradusnaya heat, the risk of stepping on the awakening volcano, yawning crimson lava, and cook, the risk of inhaling vapors of sulfur on the rest of your life and make it short. In addition, in the Afar region half-savage tribes of Ethiopians periodically go to war over water meal. Ten-year guys with rifles and machine guns could be still one of the worst in the world of surprises, intent upon the traveler in a place of unearthly beauty - the African desert Danakil.
 3. The capital grandchildren cannibals

The main city of eastern New Guinea, the gates of the state, which calls itself "Nyudzhini, the city of Port Moresby - the most dangerous of the world capitals. From sea to sky New Guinea "Pearl" looks very attractive.

 In fact it is this:
In Port Moresby live and work in such steering "banana republic", as the president and ministers, and manage this city life bandit brigade. For the white man's capital of PNG - a terrible place. Anyway, that intellectuals in jail to please the kid.
Papuans in the woods killing strangers for food, and this is due to deficiency of protein in their traditional diet. Papuans in "wet" tourists out of laziness and unemployment. Spoiled Australian handouts, Aborigines do not want to work, and if you want, then find a job very difficult. Only one thing - go to the gang and earn money on booze, drugs and girls, preying on the suckers. Murdered in Port Moresby is 3 times more frequently than in Moscow. Police this kid overweening, since bought or intimidated. Look at their muzzles, and never dream to become the second Miklukho-Maclay, for eat like Cook.
We all have burdened the economy people are the dark corners not only a biography, but also in the house. This is not necessarily a closet with lecturing spiders to intimidate Pinocchio. In a dark corner can be located, for example, stash - something of value, which, unlike humans, darkness is not scary. There are some mega-angles and in every country on every continent. Live without the damn place can not be no culture. The most terrible place on the planet compete in the intensity of quiet horror, like the economy, brands, or football leagues. Worst places attract visitors - among townspeople, who are accustomed to seeing the horrors on TV. Without those parts of the Earth would be boring to live. As in the apartment without those th of contingent angles.

Continue our review of the rating. If anything, do not be afraid - the letters and pictures do not bite.

 4. Forest Cultural suicide

Aokigahara - is an old forest at the foot of Mount Fuji. People come here not to pick mushrooms, not a barbecue, and bid farewell to life. For some time now Aokigahara gently took a fancy to authentic Japanese suicide.

 Approximate counting gone into the woods forever is the beginning of 1950. For half a century Aokigahara took the body and, at the time of the soul more than 500 volunteers. They say that fashion came after the publication of the book Seiko Matsumoto's "Black Sea of Trees ", two characters which, hand in hand, went to hang it in this venerable woods, so mastered the shadows, even on a sunny afternoon is easily possible to find a terrible place, wrapped moist sepulchral gloom.
Walking through the terrible forest Aokigahara, the traveler encounters not only the corpses, skulls and loops. And on numerous billboards with slogans like "Life is a precious gift! Please think again! "or" Think about your family! ".
 In the 1970 issue has attracted nationwide attention and since then every government department are sent to the sweep of the forest from the "fresh " corpses. Area Tracts - 35 square miles. During the year the trees "mature" from 70 to 100 newly arrived suicides.
Several years ago Aokigahara looters showed up that clean gallows pockets and tear on their necks do not rope, but gold and silver chains. Manage to avoid getting lost. Preserve the gentleness and optimism.
5. Beer, glass, skeletons

Comfortable, civilized Czech Republic can not be called a terrible country. Tourists here all kicks - a tasty beer, available drugs, beautiful houses, bridges and girls. And even most, perhaps, the scariest place in Western Europe pleases the eye with a tourist, remembering for a lifetime. This is the famous ossuary in Kutna Hora.

 For the inhabitants of medieval Europe's Abbey in Sedlec, a suburb of Kutna Mountains, was the most fashionable and desirable cemetery. His popularity has led to a crazy fact that in 1278 a monk brought some earth from Jerusalem, with the still of Calvary, and sprinkled holy ground small handful of local churchyard. Many thousands of people have desired to be buried exactly in Siedlce. Cemetery has grown strongly, were buried in 2-3 tiers, not in divine. Therefore, in 1400 the abbey has earned an unusual tomb - a warehouse for the bones, recovered from graves that have no care was conducted.
 In 1870, the new secular owners of land and buildings of an old monastery decided to put things in order and the ossuary was invited to this local creatives, the carver by the name of ALTID. With its very true to the Czechs a deadly sense of humor and a taste of pan ALTID made ​​of mortal remains of the Roman Catholic 40,000 people a terrible wonder. He not only streamlined the deposit of bones and skulls, and from them and built a massive arms master's noble and magnificent chandelier with garlands. Memento mori, Pani is the gentlemen!

 6. Museum of horror stories - the dream of a maniac, the pride of physicians

Mutter Museum of the History of Medicine, in Philadelphia - a place of concentration of all the worst that can happen to a human body. The museum was founded in 1858 by Dr. Thomas Dento Mutter. The entrance ticket to the sanctuary of medical science is $ 14. The exhibition presents all kinds of pathologies, ancient and unusual medical devices, biological samples are varying degrees of a nightmare. It also collected the most impressive collection of American skulls.

Top positions at the Museum Mutter took such interesting artifacts, like a wax sculpture of a woman, a unicorn, a three-meter human intestine, which contained 40 pounds of this most, the body "soap lady" (a female corpse turned into a land of adipocere) tumor removed from President Cleveland USA; seam liver of Siamese twins, a piece of the brain of Charles Guitaut - assassin of President Garfield.

THodyat rumors that at night in the museum there is something out of the ordinary - that is scary, or funny.
 7. Monkey for the enlightened

Tibetan Drapchi prison, which is located along the road from the airport of Lhasa, "the city of Lhasa, considered the worst prisons in the world. In Drapchi evil Chinese since 1965, meticulously gnoyat rebellious Tibetan lamas. Here, behind barbed wire, monks, more than in any single Buddhist monastery.

 Chinese occupation authorities cynically refer to such slammer "rehabilitation centers". In Drapchi can shlopotat "stray" bullet in the forehead for a wrong glance at vertuhaya. For the slightest protest prisoner-of monks being beaten mercilessly. One of the violators of the regime for so long has been sitting in solitary confinement, that have forgotten how to speak. Another - is languishing in prison for 20 th year for distributing copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In addition, Buddhists, Chinese Gulag forced to attend classes on scientific communism. Not learned his lesson - get the chakras with a whip. Did not come to class - try a bamboo porridge. True, the frightening prospect of Sia?

Digression: the elephant in a black Japanese Forests gallows da to museums with skulls and intestines, completely forgotten us, romance, about these most horrible places on the planet, as workers torture rooms of Criminal Investigation in the district department of poly-mile-tion. On the ground, where every day is played a little civil war, and nano-genocide. From attending these "strashot" us romantics, save the holy faith in justice and tidy appearance chaste eyes. And what a civil war, then remember, the most terrible, bloody and unusually blunt of the add was in Rwanda. Eerie African country, where we now and go.

8. Africa is terrible, yes, yes, yes!

All Soviet children know that in Africa, is living a nasty, bad, greedy Barmalej. Concentration Barmaley per square mile plantation tea surpasses 420 individuals. In 1994 Barmalej with machetes decide its own population podsokratit thousand to 900 souls. Here's what came of it

Learning from the embassy reports on the Rwandan genocide and its aftermath, a white man sighed heavily and went to pacify Barmaley. Those who hand in the blood were higher than the elbow, upekli in prison. Yes, in a difficult - the most crowded and unsanitary in the world. It's incredibly scary place has a lyrical name - Gitarama.

 barracks, designed for the maintenance of 500 prisoners, languishing over 6000 Rwandan Barmaley, for 8-10 years (!) awaiting trial. Their worries hunger, so bite from a cellmate heel or ear - is normal. Nowhere to lie down, so the constant state of prisoners rotting feet, which doctors have amputated without anesthesia. Floor wet and filthy, vonischa extends half a mile, a disgrace in the eyes of peacekeepers capital city of Kigali. Every eighth Barmalej die in this prison, without waiting for the verdict - from violence or disease. And do not let neither God nor the devil get in Gitarama white intellectual man ....

 9. Homeland Slumdog Millionaire

What smells like the real India? Incense, marijuana, fried myastsa cremations? This, nenapomazhennaya India smells like dirty water, sewage and waste chemical production. This stench from morning till night inhale friendly and superstitious consumers of Bollywood filmmaking, residents of the area, where rent "apartment" for a month is worth not more than $ 4. It's Dharavi, Asia's largest nahalstroy - Slum Village in the heart of enchanting, multi-million Mumbai.

The protagonist of the film "Slumdog Millionaire" comes precisely from the "city within a city, " Dharavi. At 175 hectares of muddy earth lives here more than a million Hindus and Muslims. Their bread - processing municipal waste, which are brought here and bring in tens of tons per day. Inhabitants are engaged in the terrible slums recycling plastic, cans, glass and paper. Their barefoot children and wives climb in garbage containers Mumbai in search of what can be recycled.

By 2013, the Mumbai authorities intend to raze Dharavi to the ground. What to do with the people, those who did not become a millionaire? Back in the village? Scary to think about it.
10. The capital's ongoing violence

When an Indian is awakened and goes to collect bottles, a Somali is still sleeping in an embrace with a favorite toy - a Kalashnikov. Sleeps sensitively, shivering and blowing black drooling - in fact, that and look, come overland Somali pirates and torn to pieces. In the capital of Somalia collapsed, the city of Mogadishu, the violence and fear - it is the norm.

Somali people anthropological type - stately and beautiful. They often die young, taking its brutal beauty of the desert grave. But the new born, the future marine and urban thieves, do not stop anything, just not to show themselves as weak and did not go without supper.


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