Cool Selection of the week

We suggest you look at a selection of photos of the animals' lives for the past week.

 Competition during the national holiday, "Todorov day in Bulgaria. Vassil Donev / EPA
Girl on temporary isolation for the detection and treatment of radiation, he looks at his dog through the glass. Nikomatsu, northern Japan
Frog on flower buds. Orlando, Philadelphia, USA. 
 The wandering thrush on the background of a snowy landscape in Lawrence, Kansas.
 Elephants help themselves with fruit during the Feast of elephants in Thailand.
Turtle returns to sea after laying eggs in the Indian state of Orissa.
Man and sardines. Acapulco, Mexico. Such a close approach of fish to the shore - an ominous foreshadowing of the tsunami.
 Deer in the background the skyscrapers of Frankfurt.
Swans in the village Sachsendorf, Germany.

Guinea pig, rescued from a burning room, give oxygen.

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