Masterpieces by Alexia Sinclair

Alexander the Great (356-323)   Remember Alex Sinclair (Alexia Sinclair) and her fairy-tale beauties? At this time, Alex has created a special men's series - "The Royal Dozen. " It's a mix of princes, generals, diplomats and dandy, which have been leaders in different times and somehow had a lot of weight in society.
Hannibal, Graceof Baal (247-182)  

Lorenzo de Medici, The-Magnificent (1449-1492)
Louis-XIV, The Sun King (1638-1715)
Marquis de Sade, The Sadist (1740-1814)
Napoleon Bonaparte
Pope Alexander VI, The Borgia Pope (1431--1503)
Shah Jahan, King of the World (1592--1666)
Vlad Draculea, Son of the Dragon (1431-1476)
Charles II, The Merrie Monarch (1630-1685)
 Genghis Khan, TheMongol Warrior (1162-1227)
Peter Romanov, TheGreat (1672-1725)

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