Marble caves in Alpine lake

Marble Cave in Chile

Marble caves or Marble Church (Eng. Marble Cathedral) - the main attraction of the lake Lago General Carrera in Chile. Another name for these interesting caves Las Cavernas de Marmol. This is an unusual place is one of the most visited in Patagonia. Labyrinth of caves located in the beautiful alpine lake in the peninsula of limestone.
Lake has an area of ​​1850 km ², the border between Chile and Argentina, divides it roughly in half.
 Marble Cave is located approximately in the middle of the lake, on the Chilean side.

Voser has a glacial origin and is surrounded by mountain ranges of the Andes. It follows the river from Lake Baker, which flows into the Pacific Ocean.
 Car ferry runs between Puerto Inzhenero Ibáñez and Chile Chico in the Chilean sector of the lake.
 In the photos above you can see how the water level in the lake during the year
Lake is known abundance of trout and salmon, and many tourists come here to fish, and of course to see the local landmark - the Marble Church.

Location: Chile, Aisen region, the lake Lago General Carrera.

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