The Strangest Plants on the Earth

enchanting hydronym Africa

 Hydronym Africa with her ​​grandmother

At that time, as close to our hearts Russian birch trees and oaks 99 percent of his free time intensely involved in photosynthesis, some particularly ohuevshie plants and flowers are frankly parasitize expense of neighboring plants, suckers. Naturally, they have left plenty of time to make their images should outrageous.
For example, in this photo are two proud Sarkoda Sangvineyskih brazen pussy moisture and nutrients from nearby alder.

 Some of these plants arrogance beyond their own realm. This Rafleziya from the class of bipartite could easily hung pizdyuley, eat and digest the average force of a bumblebee.
 Last Photo Samara botany Olesya Kudryavtseva near Raflenziey Kannibalnoy

 Australian Mastoleby vyebyvayutsya differently.
 Grey Mistolet looks at snake-Gorynycha how to shit
This photograph shows a red Chanterella. No, really.

 Of these poisonous pufballov should not drink water
 in the post breaks Passiflora

Passion Fruit Passion of seymeystva, make greetings from the island of San Antoine
Amorfofallus titanic
on the windowsill growing pile (very close to distinguish the smell of moldy stuff
Orchid habenariya Radiata. While not eating and does not smell. Simply beautiful
 Nepenthes happily opened his schachlo at the sight of his fellow
Another unique mouth with ears

 sundew to say hello to my carnivorous pals
 Murphy sadly looks at his exotic fellow
 A pepper is angry ...
And finally ... What could be without it!

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